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Rebate Programs / Forms

With so much attention on going green, we find more and more families upgrading to tankless water heaters and high efficiency boilers. Federal tax credits, utility company rebates and manufacturer discounts may be available to you depending on what products you select and the current programs in effect. For more information, please visit:


To print & mail in your rebate form, please click the link below for either gas or oil/propane:
2021 Residential Natural Gas Heating & Water Heating Equipment Rebate PDF Form
2021 Residential Oil/Propane Heating & Water Heating Equipment Rebate PDF Form

To apply online (recommended), please click the link to submit your rebate form:

You will need to submit your rebate form along with a copy of your paid in full invoice (please contact the office at 978-663-0164 or email AR@powderlyandsons.com if you need a copy of your paid invoice).

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